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Cross Grand is a creative agency offering photography, videography, event planning services and sport recruitment packages. We work with individuals, families, schools, nonprofits and more. Every individual and every organization has a story to be told – and we want to tell it through the power of digital media.

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Who We Are

Born and raised in St. Louis MO. Earl “Chip” Smith Jr. owns and operates Cross Grand, a creative agency located on the Southside in Dutchtown. The name Cross Grand derives from Chip’s deep roots in South City where he honed his skills as an artist beginning with music and eventually leading him to a variety of creative endeavors in narrative building, photography, videography, and other mediums.

Chip is the former lead MC for local hip-hop group 1 Dime. He applies the same rules to his artistic creation as he did back in the days of rapping, There are no rules! He continues to strive to be creative, have his own style, and be consistent in his efforts. Start working with our photography and videography company today!