The Narrative is what moves people to action.

So, What’s Your Story?

We can help craft it.

At Cross Grand, we are expert story tellers and we do so through video. We find those hidden gems that bring an organization to life, that paint a picture of hope, endurance, success, need. The story is where the heart is shown and where new paths begin. Telling your own story is difficult. Too many details can derail the impact, while not enough can leave the listener not knowing what to do next. This is where we come in. We craft that message with our nonprofit photography and videography so intricately to tell just enough to really draw the viewer in.

Our Cross Grand creative team works with you to understand your organization’s vision and help craft the story that will move people to action, influence or understanding. Our outsider perspective will help tell the “why” and then move to the “what’s next” part of the story.

In a world where there are few new ideas, organizations must find ways to set themselves apart from the noise through innovative measures. Storytelling helps place the listener in the story, becoming involved in the outcome.

What We Do

We first learn your goals for the organization and specifically for this project. We talk with you about the outcome, how the story will be told and how it will be positioned. We learn the “actors” in the story, locations, and the emotion to portray.

We create a storyboard to help demonstrate the story path. Then, we begin the video and interview process. Depending on the scope of the project, this may include multiple videography locations spread over several sessions or we may need to wrap the video shoot up in one setting and location. The video is created; you receive a proof; and any needed revisions begin.

Through our nonprofit photography and videography program, we produce a high-quality video for you to tell your organization’s story. It is color corrected, audio perfected, music bed aligned and graphics in place before it is finalized.

For you – the process is simple.

For us – we work extremely hard to tell the perfect story for you.
In the end, we know you will be proud of the finished product.

“There’s no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”


So, What’s next?
What is your story?

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